Board Meeting Tools

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Board meeting tools improve governance, giving participants the opportunity to focus on strategic decisions. They can be implemented on the premises or in the cloud, and provide simple user interfaces for board members of different levels of technical proficiency. They also offer privacy and security by using features such as two-factor authentication, encryption of files and document revision tracking. They also encourage meetings without paper which can increase efficiency and environmental responsibility.

These tools not only decrease the time spent at meetings but also the amount of tasks board secretaries are required to accomplish. They can quickly create agendas with an easy-to edit editor, then share it via the board portal with other board members and track who has reviewed it. They can also send status alerts to presenters to confirm their availability and make necessary arrangements. They can also shift agendas that have not yet been approved or reviewed in a one click.

These tools can also be employed to manage committees and enable communication with stakeholders through a virtual room. They can be used to upload files and enable selective sharing prior to, during, or after an assembly. They also have task tools that allow board directors the ability to assign specific tasks. The best tools are versions optimised for desktop tablets, desktops, and mobile devices so that board directors can use them wherever they are. They can also get information on upcoming meetings, schedule them using the calendar tool, and book events on an ad-hoc basis.