Is Protegent Antivirus a Scam?

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It is important to protect your PC from trojans and viruses regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or an internet user. This can be accomplished by using an effective antivirus software. However, not all antivirus programs are reliable. Some, such as protegent, are scams.

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. A company with its headquarters in New Delhi, has created Protegent antivirus. The antivirus is available in three editions: Antivirus software with data recovery as well as Total Security software. Complete security software. The antivirus comes with an mascot called Proto. This was, up to 2020, a rip-off of Super Why in the PBS children’s television series Super Why. The commercial for the antivirus begins with a class of kids using computers at school. The teacher checks the history of browsing for one of the students and discovers that they’ve been browsing inappropriate content. A cartoon version of Proto appears and tells students that they need protegent – an application that keeps them secure online.

Protegent claims that it can safeguard computers from ransomware, malware and other threats like Trojans and rootkits as well as Trojans. It also helps users increase their download and upload speeds without the privacy of their data. The software also includes an engine for scanning which protects the computer from adware and spyware and rootkits, adware Trojan’s viruses, phishing scuff marks. It also has a back up and restoration feature that can enhance any deleted or lost files. It also defrags the hard drive to enhance efficiency.