Technology Trends to Watch

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Technology is always changing. Some trends fizzle out while others gain momentum when large brands invest in them or industries integrate them into their processes. The pace of technological innovation is speeding up and it’s essential for businesses to keep current with the latest trends to profit from the benefits and not get left behind.

Artificial intelligence is a hot technology trend. It is used in a wide range of business applications, including speech and image recognition and navigation apps, smart assistants, and automation. This trend is expected to see a greater adoption in the near future as improvements in hardware and programming make it more widely accessible and affordable to implement.

Blockchains and distributed ledgers are the upcoming big tech trend. This highly secure method of storing and authenticating data is set to change the way businesses conduct business. For example, it is being adopted by the healthcare industry due to its potential to enable secure transactions.

Biotechnology is another area ripe for disruption. AI, automation, and DNA sequencing are driving this transformation. The possibilities include personalized medicine, gene-therapies and genetically-based guidance for food and exercise. Companies should evaluate their bQ (biological quotient) and decide if they should integrate these new technologies into existing R&D or collaborate with science-based start-ups.

Drones and UAVs (UAV) are an additional trend to be aware of. These devices allow companies to collect data and other information in remote locations or areas that are not accessible and help reduce costs and downtime.

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