Durango Lawn Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your yard in the high-altitude environment of Durango, CO can be tough. Let the experts of Fleming Landscaping maintain your lawn and create the yard of your dreams. Our team provides Durango lawn care and maintenance services to Durango, Lemon, Vallecito, Florida Road and beyond.

Lawn Mowing

Offering weeky, bi-weekly, and monthly lawn mowing services, Fleming Landscaping’s tools are the best in the area. We sharpen our blades weekly to provide the highest quality cut. Our route-planning system is of the utmost importance to us, to make sure travel distances are minimized to be as fuel efficient as possible.

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Care
  • Blades Sharpened Weekly
  • Highest Quality Cuts
  • Efficient Route Planning
  • Professional and Friendly Staff

Lawn Maintenance

Now that you have a beautiful yard, it’s time to keep it that way. Regular maintenance is important to keep your yard in top shape year after year. Fleming Landscaping offers yard and lawn maintenance packages to keep your property at its’ best year round.

Benefits of Maintenance

  • Promotes health of lawn
  • Relieves you of yardwork
  • Lowers long-term costs
  • Protects your investment

Before Spring Maintenance

After Spring Maintenance

Ready for Summer?

Call us today and learn how we can get your lawn in top shape for summer.

Core Aerations

In Durango’s semi-arid climate, performing core aerations once or twice a year is the cure for soil compaction, and this are the reason: removing small cores of soil, which remain on the surface, helps break down existing thatch. Breakdown of the thatch provides more air to the roots so they grow deeper, and it prevents water runoff. This process ultimately makes your lawn more drought-tolerant, and the cores left behind slowly release nutrients back into the soil.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Encourages Thatch Breakdown
  • Improves Soil Nutrients
  • Aerates Roots
  • Increases Drought Tolerance



Thatch, in your lawn, is no more than a layer of dead grass – or plant material – that includes roots, grass and leaves, which lay on the surface of the soil. While some may consider it “compost” material, thatch is actually decomposing plant material that can suffocate your lawn. To ensure a healthy lawn after a long and cold Durango winter, it is important to expose the soil to warmth and sunlight. The best way to do this is to dethatch your lawn. Dethatching provides many benefits including: healthy root growth, improved fertilizer penetration and more effective draining.


Benefits of Dethatching

  • Promotes Healthy Root Growth
  • Improved Uptake of Fertilizer
  • Increases drainage
Our Lawn Difference? It’s Organic.

Organic Fertilizer

The fertilizer we use is an alfalfa hay-based product sourced locally in Loveland, CO. It is important to us to use this product because we care about you, your family, your pets and our environment. Some of the benefits this fertilizer provides are: highest organic matter content, highest humic acid value, low pH for Colorado’s alkaline soils, balanced nutrient solubility for controlled nutrient release, in addition to having no odor, no heavy metals, no salts and is non-toxic, non-burning and non-staining. These qualities provide mineral and organic nutrients naturally without loss to the environment, contributing to an appealing, healthy lawn free of pesticides and harsh chemicals.

Benefits of Alpha Lawn II Organic Fertilizer

  • Highest Organic Matter Content
  • Highest Humic Acid Content
  • Low pH
  • No Odor
  • No Heavy Metals
  • Non-Toxic